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About Us

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Anne Dalvet is the owner of Sunset Boarding Stables, LLC. Anne has been riding horses for over 40 years on trails across the US & Canada. She has owned and cared for her own horses and borders for over 28 years, experiencing every aspect of care.

Anne has experience guiding adult and children's trail rides and has worked with children at pony camps. Anne has worked with many trainers over the years and continues to improve her skills to better serve her clients.

Anne had managed the barn at Open Gate Ranch, under Sunset Boarding Stables, LLC, during 2019 & 2020. During the past few years Sunset Boarding Stables, LLC has grown. We offer a few more animals for petting zoos and more great ponies for children to ride. We do pony camps at your location as well as a week on the farm. We can also be an addition to your exiting summer camp. We do horseback riding lessons by appointment and offer 2 summer camps at our location.

Anne's son Caleb Dalvet is now helping with the care and training of ponies.  Caleb helped with taking care of boarded horses since a young age. Caleb has been riding since he was 6 years old.

Sunset Boarding Stables, LLC provides Traveling Pony Birthday Parties and Pony Rides for other occasions as well as a Traveling Petting Zoo. We are looking forward to continued growth and the opportunity to introduce ponies and horses to young riders. We also take great pride in our Traveling Petting Zoo and being able to share these pets with young people as well as teach them about these animals. As in the past we take great pride in doing the best we can do for our clients. We have a caring staff who take care of barn duties well and meet the needs of all our animals. We have regular vet checks, keep up on all vaccinations. We do not have our animals at our office location. All of this is time consuming as well as costly. We keep our prices as competitive as we can but these costs effect pricing. All of our staff who helps with pony parties or petting zoo have child clearances. We are fully insured. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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